Recovering after Narcissistic Abuse

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Because many of my clients come to see me for recovery from trauma, abuse, or domestic violence, I end up hearing the word “narcissist” or “narcissistic” a lot in my office.  While I am unable to diagnose somebody that is not a patient, it is fair to say that it is likely that many perpetrators of abuse or neglect may fall on the continuum of narcissistic traits.

Some of my clients come to me already knowing terms such as “gaslighting” and “love bombing.”  Some of them already understand the impact that years of invalidation, minimization and lack of empathy has had on them as the child of a narcissistic mother or father or the spouse of a narcissist.  For some of my clients having somebody outside of their inner circle describe the common patterns that we see when people are struggling with a narcissist is eye opening and may be the first validation they get that they’re not alone and the situation is truly not ok.

Whether you’re the adult child of a narcissistic mother or narcissistic father, the partner of a narcissist, or the ex partner of a narcissist, the damage can be profound.  Often people lack the words to be able to describe what years of having their reality denied and manipulated to an outsider, but be assured that healing is possible.  Many people struggle with feelings of anxiety, self-doubt, depression and difficult personal relationships after being partnered with or raised by a narcissist.

There is hope for healing your life and relationships.  Whether you want to learn tools to cope with a family member who is incredibly difficult and toxic or you need to heal after coming to the realization you  need to cut this person out of your life, I can help.  I typically help people first address the intense anxiety they feel in their personal relationships and help them address whatever triggers are most disabling in the moment.  Then if the client is willing we go back and explore what it was in their early life or personality that made them vulnerable to narcissistic abuse.  Often I use psycho education to help increase understanding and awareness, psycho dynamic interventions to heal emotional wounds and EMDR to address traumas.  This therapy can be particularly helpful for people going through high conflict divorces with an ex-spouse who is impossible to compromise with.

If you would like to find out more about how I can help, please email me at or call 916-952-7187 to discuss your situation and set up an appointment.

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